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For general information about Capitol Pathways, visit the information page on CitizensLeague.org.


Minnesota Capitol Pathways Program

Paid Capitol Internship for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) College Students

About Capitol Pathways:
With the long-term goal of making Minnesota government truly representative of our diverse communities, the program opens access to the Minnesota Capitol to the next generation of BIPOC leaders. Through this program, interns build relationships with established Capitol leaders and policy professionals, learn about the legislative process, gain exposure to various careers in policy and build a strong professional resume in the process.

Capitol Pathways host expectations:

  • Provide a minimum of 10 hours per week of meaningful work for an intern.
  • Compensate the intern at a minimum of $15 per hour. Budget approximately $3,450 for your intern from Jan – May 2021. (Payment will need to be processed directly from your office to the student intern.)
  • Pay a $500 host fee to the Citizens League to support programming efforts.
  • Help facilitate your student’s exposure to policy work and build their professional network.
  • We understand that the Capitol campus may not be fully open to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosts are not expected to bring their interns to the Capitol often and only to the extent that is possible and needed for their organization.
  • Allow your intern to attend 4-hour long monthly cohort meetings for community building with cohort peers and professional development training. Cohort meeting dates are as follows: January 22, February 19, March 19, April 16 and May 14 (2021).

Capitol Pathways students are:

  • In good academic standing at an accredited two-or four-year institution of higher education (undergraduate)
  • At least in their second year or have the equivalent number of credits as a second year student. Applications open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.
  • Self-identified as Indigenous or a student of color
  • Applications open to international students

Selection Process
There are three phases in the selection process:

  1. Phase One: Pre-selection
    • Program staff will review host applications to determine their organizational needs. Based on this information and student applications, we will pre-select student applicants to move on to the interview round.
  2. Phase Two: Interview round
    • Host sites will interview with up to three pre-selected students. Host sites will provide program staff their top candidates. Not all students who interview will move on to phase 3.
  3. Phase Three: Official acceptance into the program
    • Program staff will make final selection based on host feedback from interviews along with information from host and student applications. Program staff will notify students of their acceptance into the program and final host site placement. Program staff will also notify hosts of final student-host matches.

Application and Student Placement Timeline (2020):

  • October 5: Host application opens
  • October 9: Host info session I (Zoom Meeting)
  • October 12: Student application opens
  • October 21: Host info session II (Zoom Meeting)
  • October 30: Host application closes
  • November 2: Student application closes
  • November 10: Hosts receive names and contact information of up to 3 student candidates (Round I)
  • November 11 - 26: Interviews (Round II)
  • December 1: Hosts submit names of top two candidates to program staff
  • December 4: Official notification -- Program staff notify hosts of their student match (Round III)

Orientation and Internship Timeline (2020/2021):

  • December 9 – 22: Host orientation & race and equity training (exact date TBD)
  • December 28 – Jan. 1: Mandatory Student Orientation & Legislative Training
  • January 4: Official start of internship
  • May 21: Last day of internship (tentative date)

More details available here: https://citizensleague.org/capitolpathways
Or contact Program Manager, Kalia Xiong at: kxiong@citizensleague.org or 763-898-7848.